Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How do I do this again?

So, first things first.  I just spent about 20 mins trying to figure out how in the world I am suppose to find my blog to blog.  I log into google and go to blog, it gives me a search engine of about 500 trillion blogs.  Apparently people have a lot to say, or are hoping that someone/anyone will listen to them.  I fall into the latter of the two, I have a toddler so most of the time no one listens to me. 

I am searching through 500 trillion blogs and am beginning to think this is a sign that I just need to give up.  That is when it came to me, facebook.  It's like I knew yesterday that today I would have no clue how to do this again.  I log into my facebook and locate the link to my blog.  Thank goodness I had the sense to post it to my facebook page yesterday or I would never have found it. 

Here I am blogging to the two people who might read it.  The decaf coffee thing holds true from yesterday.  My BG after decaf was PERFECT.  I like the idea of 1/2 leaded and 1/2 unleaded, trouble is that they don't make that for my handy dandy coffee maker.  After a lot of thinking, I am going to endure the headaches for a few weeks and go decaf.  I just keep picturing myself blind and footless going through kidney dialysis all because I couldn't endure a few weeks of caffine withdrawl. 

Speaking of blind, this is crazy.  My BGs have been pretty good today.  I have been poking before meals/snacks for the last few days to try and get tight control again and it has been paying off.  For the last few weeks I have been a nice wife and have been shoveling the driveway.  It takes all of 20 mins when I do it and it takes the hubby about an hour (he claims he does a better job, I claim he is avoiding the toddler inside). 

Today, I decide to shovel again.  Get the boy into bed and pray that he takes a nap today (he skipped yesteryday, but that is a whole other blog in itself).  I put on my hot mama winter attire which consists of a mens red and grey jacket, black sweat pants, a pink/brown&green crochet'd hat, a hand-me-down pink & purple scarf from the 90's, some sweet 80 year old taupe boots and hot pink glove mittens.  I know I am rocking the neighborhood. 

Like the responsible diabetic I am learning to be, I poked before going outside and was sitting pretty at 137.  A good place to start before shoveling, it gives me some wiggle room to drop. 

It is cold, I mean really, really cold.  There is snow everywhere.  Does anyone else feel the need to wear sunglasses even on cloudy winter days?  It is soooo stinkin' bright out!  Well, I forgot my sunglasses inside and was afraid to wake up the *hopefully* sleeping toddler by going inside to get them.  That was a mistake. 

I am outside in the freezing weather in my hot mama clothes shoveling the driveway, throwing all the snow towards the house (hello igloo insulation!!!!) and my vision is blurry.  Of course my vision is blurry, my eyes are frozen, it's soooo bright out they are strained, snow is blowing everywhere as I am trying to throw it at the house to save 1/1000 of a cent on my gas bill, and I don't have my glasses on.  My vision should be blurry, this is a normal person thing not a diabetic person thing.  An aside to that thought- I think that diabetics are a million times more intuned with their bodies- it's like a trade off.  You get diabetes and your senses and sensations in your body are heightened. 

Anyway, I am shoveling and can't see.  Whatever.  Spoiler alert- Kate is yelling at the screen right now that I am an idiot and I need sugar.  She is the only other person I know that thought, like I did, while watching Celebrity Apprentice that Bret Micheals would have a low from running up and down 13 flights of stairs.

I notice the blurry vision and keep shoveling.  I am shoveling everything.  In my blindness, I even shovel out a path for the dog (I usually don't, hubby does.  I was thinking of the gas company again and the snow storm predicted for tomorrow.  If we lose heat, our house will stay warm longer because of my eskimo tactics). 

As I am shoveling I am thinking about life and BG's and what's for dinner and how I am going to get the kid to eat it.  I even think about what would happen if I was low while shoveling and passed out and someone saw me and called an ambulance.  Maggie would be barking which would wake up the kid who would be destroying the house but no one would go inside to see if there was a kid there, they would just assume it was me alone.  They would take me to the hospital and the toddler would be alone with the dog and they would eat all the suckers and make a sticky mess and he would spill the milk everywhere and the dog would lick it up.  Finally the hubby would get home the house in shambles and me at the hospital and then CPS would come because they'd think I was a bad mom for passing out in the driveway and not having anyone watch the toddler while I went to the hospital even though I didn't know because I was passed out.  I would be on TV and then no one would want to play with me or my son anymore.  Hey, there was a lot of snow to shovel.  It took awhile.

Finally I am done, or done enough.  I decide it's cold and I am coming in.  I take off my hot mama clothes and thank heaven that the toddler is still asleep.  Decide that I am hungry from all the exercise and test my BG.  54 (for those of you who are clueless, that is bad, it is too low).  I have been doing this for weeks, why now is it dropping so much?  Was the snow extra heavy today or something?  Ack. 

Here's the real kicker.  I KNOW my best indication of being low is my vision gets blurry and tunnel-ish.  I KNOW this.  I tell people that all the time.  I say "No, I don't really feel my lows unless I'm in the low 40's, I just notice a change in my vision."  I have said that to people so many times, maybe even to you.  What is wrong with my head?

Theory for why I am an idiot a lot of the time.  I have a low.  During the low my brain is starved from glucose and therefore cannot function so I am an idiot.  Excuse, I mean, theory for why I am an idiot the rest of the time.  I HAD a low previously and it killed off starved brain cells, hence, moron. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I must say that I love your blogs. You're hilarious! The topic today not so much, but I love your writing nonetheless. You should send in the suggestion for half and half to your coffee maker. You can't be the only one who likes it that way. I must admit I have the same thought while shoveling the driveway. I pray that the child I left going to sleep inside is actually sleeping and not tearing apart the house. I'm thinking the hubby should always shovel the drive, we can avoid the disaster that may wait inside and you can avoid the possible low that will follow.

  2. You missed your calling honey, you should be an author! Love your blogs!

  3. I have the same "what if..." toddler scenarios run thru my head whenever I so much as walk outside my house while Jake naps. I, however, would also be wondering what they'd think of me at the hospital when I arrived in my hot mama winter attire.
    And Patty~ you just gotta time your next pregnancy and there'll be no question about who should be shoveling the snow!