Friday, February 4, 2011

Betty White and blue bath paint

First off, let me say that I had a fabulous birthday.  Thanks to all for the well wishes.  It really was a great day.  And even with all the birthday cake and wine I managed to keep it under 200 for the entire day.  That, my friends, is responsible diabetic at work.  She can kick some blood sugar booty!

For my birthday, my very sweet hubby got me a card.  On the outside it read "Old Maid".  We were both cracking up as I read it.  Partially because it was my birthday and I was ONLY 30 (I mean, 30 is the new 20- thanks Thom!).  Other reason is because it is true. 

Many of you have heard this story, but it bares repeating.  A few years back I finished 5 years worth of knitting and completed a very plain, but very warm wool blanket.  I am a slow knitter.  My dad LOVES this blanket.  About a year ago I decided to make one for him as a Christmas gift.  Come October, I was about 1/2 way done with this blanket.  Pretty good for me, but not so good for getting it finished in time for Christmas.

One night hubby came home and must have felt like he was having a flash forward in his life.  I was sitting on the couch in maroon sweat pants and an old JDRF walk tee shirt, bundled up in my blue star robe with my hair a total mess.  Sitting on the coffee table next to me was a Thomas Kincade mug of DECAF tea.  I had a 3/4 finished blanket on my lap and was feverishly trying to knit to finish it.  Blaring on the TV is my season 3 of the Golden Girls.  When he pointed out to me that I resembled a 90 yr old woman, all I could think was how lucky he is to know what I will look like in my 90's.  It is nice to know that he loves me when I act 90 now.  I know he will still love me when I am actually 90.

I am a Betty White freak.  I love Betty White.  It all started with Golden Girls.  When we were in high school, my parents finally got cable (yeah, we were sheltered).  That is when we discovered the Golden Girls.  My sister and I would sit and watch it for hours on end.  We joked that once we heard the first 4 notes of the theme song we couldn't leave the tv.  Blanche and her shallowness, Dorothy the intellect, Sophia the saracastic one, and poor naive Rose. 

Years later MySpace emerged.  They had all of those great quizzes and surveys.  One day I saw the Golden Girls survey- "Which Golden Girl are you?"  Of course I had to take that one.  After about 10 questions ranging from "Can you cook?" to "Do you read?" I had my answer, Rose.  WHAT?!?!  Where do they get off saying that?  I am not Rose, I am not naive?  The realization came in waves.  Then it slowly set in.  Oh my, I am Rose.  I LOVE animals to the point of weirdness, I make all sorts of weird Dutch food that no one else seems to know about, and I am naive (I just called it sheltered).  That is where my love of Betty White began.

That quiz transformed my Golden Girl watching.  I have always truely loved and appreicated each character, but now I watch Rose that much closer.  The more I watch the more I am convinced that I am her or she is me. 

Betty White is a cool person.  She doesn't take herself to seriously.  She is caring and genuine.  One of the coolest things about her is that she started a new show in her 80's!  And it ROCKS!  Hot in Cleveland is just as good as Golden Girls- she hasn't lost an ounce of her spunk.

When I heard that Betty White was coming to my city I just knew I must go.  I didn't care what I would have to do (all the old people who want to go don't have a chance against me in any competition), I was going.  I called to find out more about the show.  The nice lady told me that tickets would be released Feb 4 (the day after my birthday) and that GA would be under $80.  It's on, we're going.  I just have to get tickets.

Hubby always does any ticket buying or anything like that.  I am kinda an idiot about that kinda stuff.  Last night, after he was in bed, I realized I never asked him how to do it.  Quickly I got online and did some searching.  I found the webpage that I hoped would allow me to buy the tickets the moment they went on sale.  It's after midnight, and I am opening a ticketmaster account.  Phew.  I think I'm ready.  Now I just have to wait until 10AM for them to go on sale. 

It's 9 AM and I am preparing myself.  Webpage is still pulled up from last night.  Still looks good.  I stuff my niece and son full of snacks and give them cups.  Turn on the tv to PBS.  They are entertained.  I am ready to buy some tickets.  It's 9:53, I check the page wondering if their time is the same as mine.  Nope, still not available.  I have to get tickets.  Be prepared to type and mouse fast- at least faster than the 70 yr olds. 

"Mommy, need to blow my nose!!!"  Through clenched teeth I say "So go to the bathroom and and get some toilet paper (tissues are too expensive)".  9:57, refresh, still not available.  9:58...

"Me paint".

Oh no, not now, I'm soooo close!!!! 

Here comes son with blue bath paint and the top is off.  And there is blue bath paint everywhere.  All over him and his clothes.  Oh no!

I walk into the bathroom to wipe him off.  It's amazing how much damage a kid can do in 4 minutes.  Blue bath paint EVERYWHERE!  All over the white carpet (the carpet was there when we moved in) all over the vanity, the walls.  But Betty White!!!!  It was 9:58- I must go. 

Rush the boy out of the bathroom.  If it's going to stain, it's already stained.  I am going to Betty White.  10:00.  Refresh the page- PRESTO.  Quickly I enter the information.  2 tickets, GA, best available.  Lets do this.  Continue, continue.  Yes.  Agree.  Payment.  Confirmation.  My walls and carpets might be destroyed, but I AM GOING TO SEE BETTY WHITE!!!  YESSS!

After a brief celebration that included jumping up and down and a few screams, I return to the now blue bathroom.  Thankfully, blue bath paint is blue soap.  Blue soap that does not stain and smells very clean.  It took some work, but I now have freshly shampoo'd carpet and walls.  And 2 tickets to see Betty White.

Did I mention I am also long winded like Rose?


  1. I love this!! Who is ticket #2 for? Does Jason know you did this?

  2. I absolutely love this particular blog! Hands down my favorite so far.