Monday, January 31, 2011


I LOVE coffee.  I mean really love it.  It has become an integral part of my morning routine.  Even my 2 yr old has noticed it.  "Mommy have coffees".  Last Christmas my MIL gave us the perfect gift, a single cup coffee maker.  I can now have my cup of coffee faster and without the fuss!  This is amazing!

I have been trying to watch my BG's closer.  My diabetes does not like coffee.  At first my thought was too bad for diabetes.  I mean, I don't like diabetes, so screw diabetes, I am having my coffee.  But diabetes still wins then, it wil just reek havoc on my body over a period of time and I will pay for it later.  Grr.

Yesterday I woke up really tired.  After getting my son up and dressed I hurried to my coffee maker.  I grabbed my favorite mug, the one that fits perfectly in my hand, and brewed my Donut Shoppe coffee.  It smelled sooo good.  I loaded it with soy milk and a touch of Redi-Whip, bolused on my pump, and indulged.  Ahh.  1 hour later I was still exhausted when I finger poked, but my BG was pretty good.  I mean, it wasn't the perfect 100, but 125 isn't bad in comparision to previous BG's after my beloved coffee.  I was pleasantly surprised.

A few hours later I had a headache that wouldn't go away.  It was just horrendous.  I decided to have a cup of comforting coffee.  When I opened the coffee maker to put in the coffee I saw the coffee from earlier- it read DECAF.  I must have been exceptionally tired to have missed that in the morning.  That explains the headache- I am a junkie, a coffee junkie.  I was in withdrawl.

The most troubling part to me is that my BG handled the decaf well.  Does anyone else notice caffine effecting their BG?  Have I missed the boat on this?  Should I switch to decaf and suffer the withdrawl for the greater good of better BG control?  Are steadier BG's worth the headaches?  How will I wake up in the morning?   This is something I must seriously consider.

Before I make this decision I am doing more research.  This morning I brewed decaf yet again, only this time on purpose.  Perhaps it was a fluke yesterday.  I am not going to make any major decisions without adequate research first.    Only time will tell.